About Us

The School of Library and Information Studies, University of the Philippines (UP SLIS) is the administrator for these translations of anatomical parts, as well common complaints, signs and symptoms. The goal of the Philippine Multilingual Medical Thesaurus is to standardize medical concepts for medical practitioners. All these translations were taken from the researches of the Bachelor of Library and Information Science students of the UP SLIS. These researches are focused on available MeSH terms in four major categories, e.g., Anatomy, Diseases-Pathological Conditions, Persons, Psychiatry and Psychology.

The mission of the Philippine Multilingual Medical Thesaurus is to make every Filipino aware of the richness of culture as expressed in these medical terms. These translations are made electronically available to the following:

  • Medical doctors all over the country;
  • Health professionals (nurses, midwives, etc.) and personnel (caregivers, nursing aides, etc.);
  • Health and medical students all over the country; and
  • The Public